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my vision

Story telling is central to photography; in the absence of words my images capture the romance of each wedding as the day unfolds. Couples feel relaxed with my unobtrusive shooting style which results in natural, honest images.

Each wedding is unique, with it's own emotions and beauty - to document these intangible qualities is what drives me.

Many thanks for your interest in my work.



Jas & Gurpreet: Rokhai & Ring Ceremony

sunny kalsi photography present Jas & Gurpreet’s Rokhai and Ring Ceremony.

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t: 07711 349 577



Venue: Riverside Venue

Catering: Dine Panache

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Gurpreet - Thank you for the memorable pics Sunny! They have come out lovely. My fave one has to be the last one! Can't wait to see the rest.

wedding photographer sydney - Perfectly shot photos. A professional wedding photograher incrase the charm of photography of event like this.

film-by-you - Really nice post...!!!! Awesome photo shoot........A Awesome.....awesome.....It looks like a visual treat.....!!!!!

Wedding Photography Denver - Nice photo.Ring is very beautiful but not more than bride. I am agree, the last one is very beautiful.

Sandra Hargreaves - Stunning pictures.

photographers01 - Nice captures.Beautiful photos !I like the last one very much.

Wedding photographers - nice post & beautiful Clicks thanks for sharing with us

Wedding Planners - Really like this website, this really helps and very useful.

Multi Award Winning Photographer!

We are now multi award winning wedding photographers!  We are chuffed to announce we have won another award, this time at the Quarterly AG|WPJA contest.  Here’s what the AG|WPJA say:

“The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Sunny Kalsi. The following awards have been earned by Sunny from the AG|WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.”

See here for yourself!

Contact us on:

t: 07711 349 577



The award winning image comes from Rana and Sunjeeta’s beautiful sikh wedding!

Award Winning Photographer!

We were very proud to receive our award for our entry in the 2010 US Brides/WPJA contest.

“The WPJA/BRIDES Wedding Photojournalism Contest spotlights the finest images from the best wedding photojournalists on the pages of one of the most world-renowned wedding publications and the web sites of the WPJA and BRIDES.”

Contact us on:

t: 07984 173 895



Here is our award winning entry!

wedding photojournalism London - Beautiful Stuff, congrats on the Adward!

Jay - I know I already said it, but congratulations! Your work deserves mutiple awards, especially this shot! :-)

Opensource Solutions - Hey very beautiful pic.. It deserve to be award winning and congrats for this.

Guljeet Sandhu - What a beautiful shot. Congratulations Sunny! Guljeet x

David Fenwick - Great capture Sunny. Many congratulations on the award.

Suresh & Gurjinder: Reception

sunny kalsi photography present the reception of Suresh and Gurjinder.

Resume Services - Awesome photography... Cute couple... Done a Great Job sunny...

dan - photographer in kent - Fantastic photos. The colours are so vibrant. Great job!

Lucy Bateman - Great work!

Suresh & Gurjinder: Chuni Ceremony

sunny kalsi photography present the chuni ceremony of Suresh and Gurjinder.

Thanks for viewing!

Jay - Love that first picture of the cake. Awesome stuff. :-)

Strand of Silk - The pictures look very nice - all the best! Best Regards Team

Suresh & Gurjinder: Civil Ceremony

sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of documenting Suresh and Gurjinder’s elegant civil ceremony.

thanks for viewing!

Suresh & Gurjinder: E Shoot

sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of taking Suresh and Gurjinder for an E-Shoot. We had a great time, and look forward to shooting their wedding events later in the year.

SKP_SGES_ 9963_ 0002
SKP_SGES_ 9725_ 0009

SKP_SGES_ 9705_ 0010

SKP_SGES_ 9748_ 0008

SKP_SGES_ 9842_ 0006

SKP_SGES_ 9825_ 0007

SKP_SGES_ 9881_ 0005

SKP_SGES_ 9917_ 0004

SKP_SGES_ 9946_ 0003

SKP_SGES_ 9663_ 0001

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Protected: Mandeep & Raj: Engagement

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Mandeep & Harpreet: Wedding

sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of shooting Mandeep and Harpreet’s Wedding.  We had gotten to know Harpreet’s family earlier in the year when we shot her sister Sandeep’s wedding.

The wedding was a 3 stop wedding taking in London, Southampton and Reading.  Entertainment was provided by the legendary Tubbs of Paragon  and Videography by great guys from Flawless.  A special thanks to Gurajit for his assistance at the reception!

10_SKP_MHW_ 7138

9_SKP_MHW_ 7386

11_SKP_MHW_ 6873

12_SKP_MHW_ 7360

13_SKP_MHW_ 7361

7_SKP_MHW_ 7038

8_SKP_MHW_ 7035

14_SKP_MHW_ 8141

15_SKP_MHW_ 7920

1_SKP_MHR_ 8726

2_SKP_MHR_ 8395

3_SKP_MHR_ 8494

4_SKP_MHR_ 8636

5_SKP_MHR_ 8455

6_SKP_MHR_ 8700

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Inndeep Sahans - Excellent photos once again. Captured the moments really well. Look forward to the rest of the pictures

Kirpal - Hi Sunny Very nice photographs, nearly as good as mine. HA HA Kirpal massi :-( I'll keep working on it!

Sukh Bhandal - Wow!! Absolutely stunning pictures. My favourite pieces were in the slide show speifically the ones taken in the woody area. Creative but looked very natural; you've definitely captured some special moments. P.S. Harpreet should start modelling as a new career!!

Sandeep (big sis!) - I love the photos!! Sunny, you have done an amazing job, as expected, and I agree with Sukhy... harpreet should be a model!! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the pics. I love the one with the eyes closed. xx

Hardeep Chana - Great work SK... Keep it up :-)

Guv - Topaz Media - Fantastic set of images Sunny... Keep it up!

Southampton Florists - Stunning photography! I love the shadow looking one, the brides dress looks amazing! I really like the style of photo and will have to mention it to friends as a possible wedding picture!

Best wedding photographers - Wonderful post. A picture is worth than thousands words. Photography is indeed the best way to express your feelings and depicts the era. I love photography and look over the web for finding useful stuff for the same. I came across your blog and after subscribing in my feeder I hope you will keep on the good posts like this continuously. Thanks You

Harminder & Jaspreet: Wedding

sunny kalsi photography had the pleasure of shooting Harminder and Jaspreet’s Wedding.  It was an honour as we’ve been friends for many years, and we had enjoyed a fantastic E-Shoot earlier in the summer.

The wedding was a 3 city affair taking in London, Birmingham and Coventry.  Entertainment was provided by the fantastic kamology and Videography by Swarn Media.














Thanks for viewing!

rav - Beautiful set of images, and keep up the good work! It was a pleasure working with the talented Sunny on such a grand wedding .. heres to the next one! Congratulations to you both!

Sanjay D Gohil - Sunny - these are great :D Excellent set buddy!

Lucy Bateman - Excellent work.

Jay Rowden - hi there i have just stumbled across your site and i have to say, absolutely stunning photos! as a photographer myself i am in awe of your work. keep it up! thanks jay